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A.T. Kearney Procurement and Analytic Solutions' Wave of the Future podcasts will keep you in the know about topics that matter to business leaders, including globalization, sustainability, and the latest trends in procurement.

Download these informative and timely updates in MP3 format by clicking on the episode titles below. You may also subscribe to an RSS feed for the Wave of the Future from the link on the top right corner of this page.

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Aug 5   The Future of Healthcare in Canada
Many countries in the world are experiencing a demographic shift, resulting in a growing aging population. This trend, coupled with the increased costs of healthcare fueled in part by new technologies and treatments, poses challenges to the way healthcare is funded. In this podcast, Rodey Wing and Ella Berlyand discuss these challenges in relation to Canada, drawing upon a study they conducted with the Conference Board of Canada. Rodey and Ella outline different funding models, demonstrate how technology can help develop more sustainable healthcare systems, and share best-practice examples.
Apr 8   International IMP³rove Award: The Next Masters of Innovation - Part 2
The International IMP³rove Award recognizes companies that have demonstrated sustainable growth based on systematic innovation management. Two finalists of the category for large companies were Arcelik, a Turkish manufacturer of household appliances, and Fleury, a Brazilian medical and health company. In this podcast, Iffet Iyigun Meydanlli discusses Arcelik's user-oriented innovation practices and Amanda Ferri Curti and Rodolpho Estevan Meschgrahw discuss Fleury's game-based approach to innovation. The speakers share how their companies manage their innovation processes, and why participation in the International IMP³rove Award was beneficial to both Arcelik and Fleury. This is the second of a two-part podcast series about the award.
Feb 19   International IMP³rove Award: The Next Masters of Innovation - Part 1
The International IMP³rove Award recognizes companies that have demonstrated sustainable growth based on systematic innovation management. The 2015 winner of the category for large companies was Tarkett, a global flooring solutions company. In this podcast, Tarkett's Anne-Christine Ayed and Christophe Reither discuss their company's approach to innovation, based on a combination of collaboration and strategic foresighting. Anne-Christine and Christophe share how Tarkett manages its innovation process, and why participation in the International IMP³rove Award was beneficial to the company. This is the first of a two-part podcast series about the award.
Dec 18   How Effective Collaboration Between Procurement and Finance Can Mitigate Supply Chain Risk
As supply chain disruptions increase, organizations are looking for ways to become smarter and recover more quickly from these events. One path is through more effective collaboration among cross-functional teams, especially the procurement and finance departments. In this podcast, Rose Kelly-Falls outlines key steps to help procurement and finance build a solid working relationship and discusses how collaboration between them can lead to a stronger supplier risk management strategy, providing tangible benefits to the company.
Mar 20   Transformation in the Telecom Industry
As the pace of disruption in the communications, media, and technology sectors quickens, telecom operators are seeking to overhaul many aspects of their business. In this podcast, Hagen Goetz Hastenteufel and Mirjam Telzerow discuss the results of their recent research, based on extensive A.T. Kearney project experience and interviews with more than 50 C-level executives in the telecom sector. Hagen and Mirjam highlight common pitfalls in transformation programs and describe the balance of strength, agility, and leanness required for a transformation to be successful.
Jan 30   Direct Materials Sourcing: Innovate Your Way to Double-Digit Savings
Innovation is key in today's business environment. In this podcast, Natascha Schijven and Vijay Kasi discuss innovative approaches to sourcing direct materials, including the A.T. Kearney "Request for Solution" approach—a transparent and collaborative technique that leverages cost modeling, expressive bidding, and optimization. Natascha and Vijay emphasize the need for new methodologies that look beyond cost in order to extract maximum value, and they outline the benefits that innovative approaches can bring.
Dec 19   The Role of CPOs in Times of Change
Being a business leader today requires a multidimensional skillset. In this podcast, Ira Gaberman and Robyn Wright discuss the key skills of leaders and CPOs in times of change. They outline the three spheres in which leaders need to excel—strategic, transformational and operational—and emphasize the importance of strategic thinking in leadership positions. Ira and Robyn discuss the major challenges that future CPOs face and share strategies for overcoming them.
Nov 21   Social Media for Procurement
What benefits can procurement professionals derive from using social media? In this podcast, Tania Seary, CEO of Procurious, a new social media platform aimed at procurement, supply chain, and logistics professionals, discusses the different ways to leverage social networks, from building relationships with suppliers to receiving real-time news about supply chain disruptions. Tania also shares her tips for building a social media presence.
Nov 7   Airline Contract Management
Consolidation in the airline industry continues to pose sourcing challenges for procurement professionals. In this podcast, travel sourcing experts Patrick Hoffmann and Scott Gillespie discuss negotiation strategies, including how to deal with ancillary fees, the role of fixed fares, and whether it is best to pursue a global or regional sourcing approach.
Aug 8   Why "Googling" Isn't Good Enough When It Comes To Research
Business research demands the use of a wide range of sources. In this podcast, Helen Clegg makes the case for why Googling is not the best tool when it comes to doing serious business research. Helen outlines the limitations of Google's search and content coverage and suggests additional, and better ways to research a subject so that the whole story is told. She also shares her "8 Tips for Smarter Research" to ensure that your research is more rounded, authoritative, and objective.
Jul 18   How 3D Printing Is Disrupting Industrial and Consumer Markets
Hardly a day goes by without a headline about 3D printing and the potential of additive manufacturing. In this podcast Adam Detwiler and Jeff Staub, subject-matter experts from the A.T. Kearney Manufacturing Center of Excellence, examine the impact of the technology on manufacturing, the disruption to value chains, and the effects rippling through consumer markets, and discuss how companies can take advantage of its benefits.
Jun 27   Scanning Your Virtual Environment To Unleash Creative Thought
As apps and tools continue to proliferate, it's becoming increasingly hard to keep up-to-date with news about a specific sector, industry, or market. In this podcast, Barbie Keiser, an information resources management consultant, discusses the different types of news and social media tools, including what to look for and the benefits they offer. Leveraging such tools enables users not only to keep abreast of their environment but also to widen their horizons, which can ultimately spark ideas and lead to innovation.
May 23   Pricing Full Potential Analyzer
Pricing is one of the most important drivers of profit, yet many companies leave money on the table by failing to make the most of their pricing strategies. In this podcast, Frank Bilstein and Nitin Godawat discuss how A.T. Kearney's Pricing Full Potential Analyzer, developed from a study of more than 1,600 businesses in five countries, provides reliable estimates of how much more profit a business can make from better pricing initiatives.
May 2   ROSMA℠ Performance Check
Procurement organizations often struggle to quantify their value to the business, due to the lack of a standard metric to measure the return on supply management assets. In this podcast, Rosanna Yang from A.T. Kearney, Tom Derry from the Institute of Supply Management, and David Noble from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply discuss the benefits of the new ROSMA℠ Performance Check, recently launched by A.T. Kearney, ISM and CIPS. The ROSMA℠ Performance Check is a short benchmarking assessment tool that helps a company measure procurement groups' financial contribution to the business. Additional insights gained from taking the assessment highlight areas for improvement, including talent development. Organizations that have leveraged ROSMA℠ have increased their investment in procurement and changed the way they think about how the procurement function creates value.
Apr 4   The Rise of the Female Economy in B2B
Women control a growing share of B2B spending yet many companies have work to be done when it comes to connecting with the increasing number of female decision makers. In this podcast, Inna Baigozina-Goreli points out the benefits of tailoring sales approaches in a B2B environment to women, whose influence in the procurement process is increasing as more women advance to senior roles. Inna draws on the recent research study she led in which A.T. Kearney surveyed 200 UK executives and decision-makers in B2B companies and across the public sector. The survey was complemented by the 35 interviews. The study concludes that UK companies can gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace by better connecting with female buyers.
Dec 20   Procurement Merger Integration
Mergers and acquisitions inherently contain risk. In this podcast, John Piatek discusses the three main types of risk in supply management and the key steps that procurement organizations can take during the integration process. John outlines a set of guiding principles that can support procurement integration effectively and describes the benefits of the cleanroom concept for assessing both suppliers and contracts.
Sep 27   Commodity Risk Management
The volatility in today's international supply markets necessitates strategies for dealing with commodity risk. In this podcast, John Piatek outlines each of the elements of A.T. Kearney's framework and model for commodity risk management. John discusses the importance of having a special escalation or "Black Swan" process in place to deal with major market disruptions and presents ways companies can overcome the challenges in implementing the model.
Sep 13   How Social Media Changes Everything, Including Business Decisions
Chris Moody, CEO of GNIP, the world's largest provider of social data, discusses the value of social media data in today's world, sharing use cases ranging from B2B product development, supply chain, and sales. In this podcast, Chris explores this remarkable asset, which provides companies with rich sets of data for further insight and analysis, and emphasizes the need for a long-term view when it comes to quantifying a return on investment. "If you care about what your customers, prospective customers, and competitors think, then you need to be on social, as that's where the conversations are happening more and more," Moody says.
Aug 9   Should Cost Modeling
When preparing for negotiations, the more information a procurement professional has about a supplier, the better chance of a successful outcome. Should-cost models are useful tools for determining a product's estimated price by itemizing processing costs, market input costs, and related assumptions. In this podcast, Claude Fidelin, Bryce Heller, and John Moyer describe the characteristics of should-cost models, when to use them, and how to create one. By spending time computing a should-cost model, procurement professionals can gain insight into a supplier's estimated profit margins.
Jul 26   Social Media for Research
Are social media platforms worth using as tools for business research? Absolutely, says Scott Brown, Library Services Manager at Qualcomm. In this podcast, Scott shares his knowledge of the different social media tools and explains how best to leverage them for serious research. From researching a potential supplier to finding experts on a particular industry, Scott demonstrates the benefits of knowing how to navigate the myriad social tools with concrete examples and shares tips and tricks on getting the most out of these new research tools.
Jun 21   How to Ignite Your Career
What are the best strategies to get your career off to a flying start or to set yourself apart? In this podcast, Amanda DeCook and Jake Raska discuss the answer to this question by sharing insights from a new survey they conducted among their professional networks both inside and outside of A.T. Kearney. Amanda recently presented the survey at the ISM Diversity conference. Along with typical themes such as relationship building and seizing opportunities, survey participants highlighted other important factors, such as giving back and humility, that they had successfully used to further their careers.
May 31   Strategies for Procuring Non-Corrugated Paper
Having a solid understanding of what is happening in the supply market is vital in the strategic sourcing process. In this podcast, Venkatesh Ganapathy and John Moyer share their insights into the non-corrugated paper market. They discuss the main characteristics of the market, key drivers affecting market dynamics, and successful sourcing approaches. Venkatesh and John emphasize the need to quantify the level of supply risk in markets and outline ways that procurement professionals can do this.
May 17   The First 100 Days As a New CPO
Every new CPO wants to make a positive impact on his or her organization—and to do so quickly. But where to start and how best to go about it? In this podcast, Chris Clements discusses the major issues new CPOs face as they embark on their new role and shares strategies for successfully navigating the first three months in office. Chris describes the F100D (first 100 days) framework, a useful tool to guide and support CPOs as they tackle the most challenging period in their new role.
Apr 26   Palm Oil Supply Chain Complexities and Sustainability: Are Companies Prepared to Switch to Sourcing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil?
Palm oil is one of the most widely used vegetable oils today. It is a key ingredient in food items and is used in many other industries, from pulp and paper manufacturing to industrial cleaning. However, the cultivation of palm oil to keep up with increasing demand has led to the destruction of rain forests across huge areas of Southeast Asia, contributing to increases in greenhouse emissions and a loss of biodiversity. In this podcast, Raj Arumugam discusses the trend toward more sustainable palm oil sourcing, how to incorporate sustainable palm oil into supply chains, and the benefits of switching to sustainable sources.
Apr 12   What Makes an Effective CPO?
Chief procurement officers today face four primary challenges: measuring performance, increasing influence, becoming more strategic, and attracting and developing talent. In this centennial podcast, Enrico Rizzon and Kate Hart of A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions discuss the strategies CPOs should adopt to address each of these issues. By successfully implementing the approaches outlined, CPOs can improve their effectiveness and significantly raise the profile of their procurement organizations.
Jan 18   Using Social Media Tools to Build Engagement
Businesses that have a social media strategy as part of their marketing communications plan are well placed to reap the benefits that social media can bring. In this podcast, Beth Perell, VP of Communications and Information Management at Goodwill Industries International discusses how her organization is leveraging the power of social media tools to build engagement with its various customer segments. Beth describes the tactics and tools that Goodwill uses, discusses the differences between B2C and B2B, and shares her thoughts on the future of social media marketing.
Dec 14   High Tech Logistics
In the global high tech industry, the only constant is change. Logistics providers in this industry must be agile and know how to mitigate risk. In this podcast, Cathy Roberson of Transport Intelligence outlines the challenges facing high tech logistics providers and strategies for managing different risk factors. She also discusses the sector's emerging trends, including the rise of hi tech manufacturing in South America and the decision some high tech manufacturers have made to "re-shore" production in the U.S.
Nov 2   How the Financial Services Industry Uses Business Analytics
How do leaders in the financial services industry interpret the massive amounts of data necessary for strategic development? Two words: business analytics. Financial institutions must be able to understand their data in order to gauge their profitability, adjust for risk, and satisfy customer demand—while simultaneously meeting the requirements of an ever-changing regulatory environment. In this podcast, Akash Agrawal and Sushil Pasricha discuss how business analytics can help financial institutions transform transactional data and customer information into "actionable" insights.
Oct 5   Skeptical Knowledge Seeking
How accurate is the data in our market research? As more channels of information are available to more people, the potential for reporting errors continues to grow. In this episode, Cynthia Lesky, president of Threshold Information, shares her perspective on why we must become "skeptical" knowledge seekers. Cynthia discusses ways to detect errors, identify bias (intentional or not), and avoid using erroneous data in making our daily business decisions.
Sep 21   Business Information Research
Business information and market research are crucial to any company interested in maintaining or increasing market share - whether the information is used to improve products or services, increase customer satisfaction, or capture competitive intelligence. As the economy continues to evolve, it is important to stay abreast of all trends that could affect business operations, especially in the face of time constraints and lack of resources. In this podcast, Cynthia Lesky, president of Threshold Information, shares her expertise as an information professional as she discusses the trends affecting the research industry today, the attributes of good information professionals and their clients, and when it is time to ask for help.
Sep 7   Building Innovative Teams
Innovation in business is a critical success factor especially in today's challenging and competitive economic environment. Yet companies still manage to stifle innovation and punish creativity - often without knowing it. Tim Kemp, a senior consultant with Global Novations, discusses how organizations can encourage innovation and, in doing so, harness the combined ideas of individuals for the benefit of the entire firm. This podcast outlines five key concepts that innovative organizations use to create an environment that not only fosters innovation but also builds innovative teams.
Aug 24   The Rise of Knowledge Enablement
Many organizations have adopted the business function of Knowledge management (KM) but are not benefiting from the discipline as much as they could. In this podcast, Helen Clegg, ATKPAS' Knowledge Team Director, discusses why she believes the key to the discipline is enablement rather than management. Companies with KM functions need to do a better job of providing their employees with the most appropriate tools and processes to easily share and transfer knowledge. Helen discusses how tools such as the "House of Knowledge" recently developed by her team, and a robust taxonomy are critical to making sure this happens in any organization. This podcast provides concrete steps on how organizations can transform their Knowledge Management team into a Knowledge Enablement force.
Aug 3   Big Data Technology
The amount and complexity of data in our world is exploding. Data sets have grown in size beyond limits we could have ever imagined. These massive data sets, referred to as "Big Data", are presenting challenges for standard analytical tools and techniques which are proving to be inadequate. Company decision makers recognize that the ability to manage and analyze their massive data sets is crucial for spurring innovation, maintaining market share, improving processes and simply providing transparency for making informed decisions. In this podcast episode, Hugo Evans talks with Stacey Rhodes about Big Data. Hugo shares his perspective on what we mean by Big Data, how it can be managed, and an overview of the underlying technology.
Jul 6   Innovation Driven by Voice-of-Customer
A satisfied customer equals customer loyalty and ongoing business. How are you gathering customer feedback and analyzing responses to implement impactful changes? In this episode, Dr. Stephen Dyer talks with Stacey Rhodes about innovation driven by the voice of the customer. Dr. Dyer gives insight into a method that improves the process of gathering and interpreting customer feedback to spur innovation and help sustain your customer base.
Jun 15   Fleet Maintenance Services
The wearing out and breaking down of fleet parts can be a business owner's nightmare when they depend on multiple vehicles to operate their business. However, the natural wear and tear of fleet parts is inevitable. In this episode, Chris Shriver and Jacob Raska talk with Stacey Rhodes about Fleet Maintenance Services. They share insights regarding ways to handle vendor strategic sourcing for maintenance parts and services along with sourcing insights for internal and external maintenance programs.
May 25   IT Labor Sourcing
IT is a major expenditure category, both capital and operational, for many large enterprises. In the United States, enterprises typically have all or part of their IT labor sourced externally. Are you planning to source any of your IT labor functions as a way to strengthen your IT infrastructure? In this episode, Waqas Khan and TZ Shen talk with Stacey Rhodes about IT labor and how to source effectively. In particular, they share insights regarding sourcing levers, challenges and solutions.
Apr 27   Delivering Value from MRO Storeroom Operations
The MRO storeroom is an integral part of managing indirect materials in daily operations related to the maintenance of facilities and production/manufacturing equipment. Often, MRO inventory can be challenging to manage simply because of the volume of items. Is your MRO storeroom out of order, in disarray, holding inventory that is out of control? In this episode, Eric Foster and Amit Bidaye talk with Stacey Rhodes about how to meet the challenges of managing an MRO storeroom to achieve ideal inventory levels, improve your investment, obtain savings and deliver great value overall.
Apr 6   Effective Negotiation Styles and Communication Techniques
In business we can't avoid negotiations. Sometimes we enter into negotiations as part of setting goals and objectives, strategy planning or finalizing contract deals. What is your personal negotiation style? Do you consider yourself an effective communicator during negotiations? In this episode, Simon Rycraft talks with Stacey Rhodes about negotiation styles and communication techniques. Listen as Simon shares insights on adapting your negotiation style and enhancing your detective skills to improve your overall communication strategy.
Mar 23   Corporate Philanthropy
Corporate philanthropy is also known as corporate giving. Consumers and employees continue to be the main driving force for companies to donate some of their company profits and resources to charity. In this episode, Brittany Claud talks with Stacey Rhodes about the types of philanthropy, trends, adding philanthropy to your customer relationship management program and starting a corporate foundation.
Mar 9   Developing Good Relationships with Suppliers
Maintaining and nurturing good relationships with suppliers can be a source of competitive advantage for companies. In this podcast, Raj Arumugam talks with Helen Clegg about the benefits companies can gain from building a robust Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) practice and why companies are targeting SRM to discover the next frontier in value creation. An important part of SRM strategy is supplier development. Raj discusses the main steps in building a supplier development program and the key activities involved.
Feb 17   Cultural Differences in Negotiations
Understanding cultural differences and being able to interpret them correctly is key in today's globalized world. Successful business people know this, ensuring that they adapt their style and way of doing business to the cultures they are interacting with. In this podcast, Claude Fidelin talks with Helen Clegg about the importance of culture in business today and the influence it has on the negotiations process. Learn about the different layers of culture, how they impact the three stages of negotiations and hear Claude's tips for improving your own international negotiating skills.
Feb 3   Strategies to Manage Commodity Risk in Procuring Chemicals
A goal for any procurement organization is to implement proper risk management of commodity inputs to generate a competitive advantage. Accurate commodity price projections are vital to sustaining margins and profitability. Understanding and quantifying exposure to commodity pricing, and strategizing to minimize risk, can be challenging. In this episode, John Moyer and Tom Gildersleeve discuss strategies for managing commodity risk with specific emphasis on chemicals.
Dec 16 Analytics in India
Analytics is the rich application of technology and mathematical science, such as, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization to solve problems in business and industry. Early adopters of analytics are placing themselves in a good position to make substantial gains in both performance and overall competitiveness. In this episode, Nitin Godawat and Sushil Pasricha talk with Stacey Rhodes about the analytics space in India and how it has evolved in the application of detection, direction and prediction.

Dec 2 Integrated Facilities Management
Today's challenging economic climate is a steady catalyst for companies to aggressively seek cost reductions. Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) is a growing area companies are exploring to help reduce costs and focus on core businesses. In this podcast Bud Going and Daryl Watkins talk about implementing IFM solutions to help achieve operating efficiencies.
Oct 28 2011 Assessment of Excellence in Procurement Study
Over 185 leading companies across the globe shared their best practices in A.T. Kearney's 2011 Excellence in Procurement (AEP) study. In this podcast, Alex Ferrer, the AEP project manager, discusses the study's landscape and results, as well as emerging trends among leading procurement companies.
Sep 30 Supply Management Market Update: Australia
Australia -- with its cross-section of industries, supplier base, economic environment, and geographical location -- creates a distinct set of challenges for organizations and their procurement departments. In this interview, Enrico Rizzon, head of A.T. Kearney's Procurement & Analytic Solutions Melbourne office, shares information and tips on supply management in Australia.
Sep 16 Inventory Optimization Using Analytics
A company's inventory metrics are often viewed as critical indicators of its supply chain performance. In this podcast Raj Narayanaswamy and Sarah Thuo talk about applying analytics techniques to identify opportunities to reduce inventory expenses and achieve operational efficiencies. The podcast emphasizes AT Kearney's cornerstone analytics methodology.
Jul 15   Opportunity Knocks: Careers in Supply Management
Purchasing and supply management are evolving into strategic business disciplines due to increased complexity in today's supply chains. As a result, well-qualified, purchasing and supply professionals are now in high demand due to their ability to innovate and drive sustainable change. This podcast highlights Sourcing Analyst, Amanda DeCook's, procurement career path and Supply Management Director, Laura Shoemaker, gives advice to hiring managers looking to build a supply management team.
Jun 10   Operations Excellence
Companies are constantly striving for operational excellence as a means to offset rising costs and competition. The lack of a clear road map and subsequent management needed for execution, are key factors that deter some organizations from achieving this target. In this podcast, Tony Lynch and Pramod Gupta discuss their experience in operations excellence and transformation projects. They share insights regarding typical challenges faced by companies embarking on operations excellence programs, critical success factors and case studies from a variety of projects.
May 13   Internal and External Warehouse Cost Reduction
Are you struggling with your internal and external warehouse management? Highly seasonal product portfolios complicate this task even more. In this podcast, Chris Shriver, James Laureys and Venkatesh Ganapathy talk with Stacey Rhodes about warehouse cost reduction. They share how they utilized a RFP and an Activity Based Cost Modeling strategy along with network modeling technology to achieve desired cost reductions.
Apr 29   Three "Chess" Moves to Restructure Supply Markets
Procurement professionals are often challenged with managing the fluctuations within supply markets. A.T. Kearney developed the Purchasing Chessboard in 2008 to help procurement professionals identify and manage market situations that occur between purchasing organizations and their suppliers. In this podcast, Jim Pearce and Alvin See talk with Stacey Rhodes, giving a high-level overview of the Purchasing Chessboard and in particular how it can be used to restructure supply markets and successfully achieve procurement strategies.
Mar 11   The Sky is the Limit - Getting to the Right Destination with Your Airline Sourcing Strategies
Consolidation is prevalent within the airline industry with alliances dividing the marketplace into spheres of dominant influence. In this podcast, Paula Wittbrodt, Chris Bakotic and Patrick Hoffmann talk with Stacey Rhodes about their recent airline sourcing project. They share insights regarding the general outlook of the industry, sourcing best practices and the importance of analytics to help overcome the challenges of a consolidated airline industry.
Feb 25   Six Sigma in Procurement Transformation
There are applications for Lean Six Sigma Principles outside of manufacturing. In this podcast, Falyne Chave and John Moyer talk with Stacey Rhodes about their recent procurement transformation project using six sigma principles. They share insights regarding their project analysis, observations and an in-depth walkthrough of each six sigma principle applied to successfully achieve client objectives.
Feb 11   JumpStarting Your eSourcing Initiative
eSourcing was introduced to the procurement professional a little over a decade ago. Research indicates, approximately 75% of companies have used eSourcing tools at least once but only a few have used the technology effectively. In this podcast, Gregg Brandyberry talks with Stacey Rhodes about how eSourcing has evolved, along with some best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid while successfully jumpstarting an eSourcing initiative.
Jan 28   Group Purchasing Organizations - a Low Risk, High Value Proposition
What type of organization can help procurement professionals free up scarce sourcing staff and still achieve great savings faster than expected?  Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have the ability to do this and more. In this podcast, Rosanna Yang and Tom O'Neill talk with Stacey Rhodes, sharing insights about Group Purchasing Organizations and in particular CoVest Sourcing Network, a Group Purchasing Organization which has a strategic alliance with A.T. Kearney's Leveraged Sourcing Network.
Jan14   Collaboration Optimization for MRO Sourcing
Collaborative Optimization tools are adding great value and a little stress relief when sourcing some complex categories. In this podcast, Laurent Pirard and Dietmar Menzel talk with Stacey Rhodes regarding their project using collaborative optimization to successfully source commercial MRO. Laurent and Dietmar share insights regarding their challenges and specific approaches to achieve outstanding results.
Nov 12   Procurement Compliance
Some procurement departments directly impact nearly 70 percent of companies' spending decisions resulting in approximately 5 to 20 percent savings year-over-year. However, chief procurement officers are still having trouble getting employees to comply with processes and strategies that will generate major bottom-line savings. In this podcast, Falyne Chave talks with Stacey Rhodes about a recent study A.T. Kearney conducted examining best practices in compliance and shares key insights for implementing a successful procurement compliance program.
Oct 29   Intermodal Transportation
Every $1 invested in the US intermodal transportation network would yield $5 to $8 of benefits in terms of less highway congestion, reduced shipping costs and fewer traffic accidents. Randy Garber talks with Susan Montgomery about why America's freight railroads are one of the unsung transport successes of the past thirty years and how enabling the increased use of intermodal services can deliver the highest ROI on transportation investment.
Oct 08   From G7 to G20: How the New Global Economy Will Shape the Global Business Environment
As the Old World G7 nations no longer have the clout or cash to provide lasting solutions to global economic problems, the cash-rich G20 nations take on the job of global governance. In this podcast, Martin Walker talks with Susan Montgomery about the challenges ahead for the G20 and how they will shape the global business environment in the future.
Sep 17   How the Emergence of the "Top Ten" Will Shape the Global Business Environment
Ten middle income countries are emerging as a new locomotive for the global economy. Their growing purchasing power is creating a whole new economic constellation. Martin Walker talks with Susan Montgomery about who these countries are and how they will shape the global business environment in the future.
Sep 03   How to Create and Sustain a New Procurement Organization
The optimum organization structure is a key success factor in procurement. Attempting to develop new metrics, objectives and expectations presents challenges that often hinder an organization's success to implement change. In this podcast, Jane Wanklyn and Daryl Watkins talk with Stacey Rhodes sharing a step-by-step approach of how to successfully create and sustain a new procurement organization.
Aug 20   Food Waste in America: Solving the Paradox
Hunger and food insecurity persist in America despite the abundance of food that is produced. It is estimated that 78 billion pounds of food is wasted annually. In this podcast, Dave Donnan and Alok Agrawal talk with Stacey Rhodes regarding the amount of food waste in America, where it comes from and ideas on minimizing this waste.
Jul 14   Make vs. Buy Revisited
Amid limited capital, lagging demand and restructuring, top executives today are revisiting the Make vs. Buy question. Sean Monahan, Patrick Van den Bossche and Fidel Tamayo talk with Susan Montgomery about why Make vs. Buy is still a relevant question and what the keys to making successful Make vs. Buy decisions are.
Jun 23   Carbon Disclosure Project
Stephen Easton and Randy Watson talk with Susan Montgomery about the findings from the supply chain study that A.T. Kearney recently completed for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) . The need to drive carbon reduction targets throughout the supply chain is clear. While awareness is increasing, procurement organizations still have a lot of work to do with their suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions.
May 26   Trends in Transportation Sourcing
Transportation is a difficult category to source, involving hundreds or thousands of lanes, multiple modes and specific service requirements. Josh Brogan talks with Susan Montgomery about sourcing approaches that turn the complexity of transportation sourcing into a lever. He also gives us insights about how market timing and business cycles affect the sourcing strategy.
Apr 14   Demand Management
Demand management can add significantly to sourcing savings. Decreasing demand is, in effect, "100% cost reduction." Bob Boll talks with Susan Montgomery about five levers for managing demand and how to measure the savings achieved through effective demand management programs. He also gives us an insight into two projects that achieved significant, measurable savings from demand management over and above the cost reduction savings.
Mar 10   ISM Manufacturing Indexes
The ISM Manufacturing Indexes are one of the best measures of economic activity for supply managers. Norbert Ore, Chair of the ISM Report on Business®, talks with Susan Montgomery about the ISM Indexes and why they are recognized globally as a leading indicator of the US economy.
Feb 24   Expanding the Profit Frontier
Attempts to improve profitability often focus on just one aspect of profit creation such as manufacturing cost reduction or marketing effectiveness or pricing strategy. Steve Mehltretter talks with Susan Montgomery about Expanding the Profit Frontier, a more holistic perspective to help achieve maximum profitability.
Feb 10   Sourcing Complex Global Service Categories
Procurement professionals are faced with a number of challenges when sourcing complex service categories on a global scale, for example, site support services, MRO of factory equipment or maintenance of customer premise equipment. In this podcast, James Rooke and Darren Chew discuss with Helen Clegg the drivers of complexity for these complex service categories and outline the most effective sourcing strategies. They emphasize the key need for strong data analytics capabilities in the sourcing team and note the importance of detailed due diligence and robust transition planning.
Jan 27   Sustainable Complexity Reduction
Complexity reduction provides a real, workable tool that enables a company to take actionable steps towards sustainability at the same time as reducing unnecessary product costs: a true win-win situation. Chris Callieri, Tom Peddicord and Cary Shiao talk with Susan Montgomery about Sustainable Complexity Reduction and how marrying the two concepts not only generates material benefit in the short term but also broadens the long term impact of the project.
Dec 16   The Complexities of Sourcing MRO
Characterized by a high number of sub-categories, huge item counts and multitudes of suppliers, MRO is a complex category to source. Eric Foster shares insights with Stacey Rhodes about how to prepare for and overcome the complexities of sourcing MRO to achieve successful results.
Nov 25   Collaborative Approach to Sourcing Indirect Materials and Services
Indirect materials and services can present a challenge for sourcing teams because they encompass a very large number of items, supplied by hundreds of suppliers and are used by many people across the organization. Bernard Going and Stacey Rhodes discuss a collaborative process for conducting supplier conferences to rapidly identify and implement cost reduction ideas related to indirect materials and services.
Nov 11   Analytics and Procurement Process
Spend data is a crucial determinant of the success or failure of Enterprise Spend Management efforts. In particular, gaining in-depth spend visibility when determining sourcing strategies is an ongoing challenge for sourcing managers. Margaret Brown and Parag Shah talk with Stacey Rhodes about the effectiveness of analytics when properly applied to the sourcing and procurement process. Margaret and Parag share insights regarding different types of data analytics and where the future of analytics and sourcing are moving.
Oct 28   Strategies for Sourcing Chlor-alkali Chemicals
Chlor-alkali chemicals (caustic soda and chlorine) are essential building blocks of many industries. John Moyer talks with Stacey Rhodes about strategies for sourcing Chlor-alkali Chemicals and shares insights regarding the importance of monitoring key raw material supply markets.
Oct 7   Group Buying Consortiums
During these tough economic times, some companies are pooling their resources, experience, and sourcing budgets to obtain substantially better rates and terms than they could individually negotiate. Rosanna Yang and Bharath Thota talk with Stacey Rhodes and share insights they have gained from A.T. Kearney's group buying consortium, the Leveraged Sourcing Network, about the benefits of joining buying consortiums and how they can help your procurement team.
Sep 23   Supply Management Transformation
Organization design is less about lines and boxes and more about ensuring that supply management is focusing on the right strategies, capabilities and categories to drive strategic value. Bob Boll talks with Susan Montgomery about A.T. Kearney perspectives on supply management organization design and describes a recent project where we helped a client to design a new organization model
Sep 9   Supply Risk Management Planning
Managing supply chain risk is more complex today than ever. Gregg Brandyberry talks with Susan Montgomery about procurement strategies for protecting both revenue and corporate reputation. Gregg provides insights based on his experience as CPO of GlaxoSmithKline.
Aug 26   Sourcing Strategies for Complex Categories
You must be flexible when selecting sourcing strategies for complex categories. Wei Shen talks with Stacey Rhodes about sourcing strategies for complex categories with emphasis on packaging. Wei provides insight into specific approaches and techniques to deliver successful project results.
Aug 12   Collaborative Optimization
Collaborative optimization tools bring a new level of transparency to sourcing exercises. Armin Scharlach and Nick Townend talk with Susan Montgomery about how collaborative optimization enabled an A.T. Kearney client to incorporate more options when sourcing its temporary labor spend and custom tailor the solution for their organization.
Jul 29   Sourcing Travel
It’s a buyer's market for sourcing travel. Patrick Hoffmann and Julianna Beall talk with Susan Montgomery about how the travel market has changed in the past two years, what buyers can do to embed savings, and new approaches to sourcing hotel spend.
Jul 15   Supplier Relationship Management
Successful companies recognize the need to build an alliance between their organization and the suppliers that they work with by establishing strong buyer/seller relationships. Supplier relationships are more than simple procurement transactions but require strong commitments from the buyer and seller. Daryl Watkins talks with Stacey Rhodes about supplier relationship management. Daryl provides insight into what supplier relationship management is and how to implement a successful supplier relationship management program to achieve benefits that result in a “win-win” for buyers and sellers.
Jun 3   Supplier Evaluation for Complex Services
When sourcing complex services such as drilling services for oil exploration, selecting the right suppliers is often challenging. Qualifications must be measured across a wide range of factors related to cost, quality and reliability. Marcos Mayo talks with Stacey Rhodes about developing a supplier evaluation framework for complex services. Marcos provides insight into managing sources of complexity and approaches for a successful supplier selection when sourcing highly technical services.
May 13   Optimizing Sourcing Negotiations in the Current Economic Climate
CPOs face two critical issues in today's economic climate: managing supply risk and reducing costs. Roger Blumberg talks with Susan Montgomery about ways to optimize negotiations in today's environment. Roger highlights opportunities for savings here and now and discusses effective negotiation techniques to use in a buyers' market.
May 13   Managing Supplier Risk in the Current Economic Climate
CPOs face two critical issues in today’s economic climate: managing supply risk and reducing costs. Randy Watson talks with Susan Montgomery about how to minimize supplier risks in today’s environment. Randy discusses the importance of having a documented plan to address supply risk and outlines a four step approach.
Apr 22   Commodity Risk Management
Managing supply risk is on top of every CPO’s agenda these days. In the first of our Wave of the Future mini-series on supply risk management, John Moyer and Andrew Chang talk with Susan Montgomery about strategies for managing commodity risk exposure and how statistical modeling and simulations are used to develop the best strategy for each commodity.
Apr 08   Procurement Assessments
An effective procurement assessment is key to strategic sourcing success. Daryl Watkins talks with Susan Montgomery about how to conduct a procurement assessment that will set the scene for driving sustainable improvements.
Mar 25   SharePoint Implementation
Collaboration tools really can make the difference between project completion and project success. Nate Lamb talks with Susan Montgomery about how A. T. Kearney got a silo-ed organization working together on a complexity reduction project by implementing Microsoft SharePoint.
Mar 11   Information Management in Procurement
Best-in-class procurement organizations have formalized processes for the continuous capture and sharing of market intelligence. Jane Wanklyn talks with Susan Montgomery about how to incorporate information management as part of the sourcing process and the tangible benefits that our clients have seen from improved market intelligence.
Feb 25   Finding Opportunity in Crisis
The Chinese characters for crisis (Wei ji), also mean “danger + opportunity”. Simon Chen talks with Susan Montgomery about the effects of the global economic crisis in China and how procurement organizations can benefit from the current situation.
Feb 04   The Value of Pre-Merger Integration in Procurement
Most mergers fail because they fail to meet the announced objectives. Melitta Cognat talks with Susan Montgomery about the challenges that the procurement organization faces in a merger situation and how A.T. Kearney’s Jump Start approach enables procurement organizations to get off to a quick start on Day 1.
Jan 21   Supplier Identification
Qualified, trustworthy and reliable suppliers are crucial to business success, but finding the right suppliers is a more complex process than ever. In our latest Wave of the Future podcast, Judi Carithers and Stacey Rhodes talk with Helen Clegg about why the supplier identification process is central to a successful sourcing project and what it takes to conduct a successful search.
Jan 07   Sourcing Milk Products- What To Do When Prices Are Regulated
What sourcing strategies are effective when prices are highly regulated? Take milk prices in the USA, for example. In this podcast, Tiffany Hickerson and Estelle Smith talk with Susan Montgomery about the characteristics of the US dairy industry and options to consider when sourcing milk products.
Dec 03   Sourcing Flavors and Fragrances
In the market for flavors and fragrances, all products are designed for the customer’s specific requirements. The selection process is complex and may involve marketing, product innovation teams, procurement, and even celebrity endorsers. John Moyer talks with Susan Montgomery about how A. T. Kearney has successfully sourced this unique category for a number of clients in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries.
Nov 19   Next Generation Six Sigma: Capturing More Value with Less Effort
The Crash of 2008 is compelling companies to look for fast and effective improvements in all areas of their business. We are seeing renewed interest in Six Sigma, a tested and proven methodology that can significantly improve top- and bottom-line performance … but only if it’s implemented in the right way. Patrick Van den Bossche talks with Susan Montgomery about how Six Sigma programs can go off the tracks and how A. T. Kearney’s Next Generation Six Sigma approach can re-invigorate and re-focus your Six Sigma efforts for maximum results.
Nov 05   Contract Manufacturing
Almost every manufacturing company utilizes external contract manufacturing services for some part of their production process. In this podcast, we discuss the approach that A. T. Kearney has developed to help companies baseline their contract manufacturing activities, assess near and longer-term risks, and develop a robust contract strategy. We hear about recent engagement experiences working with a client with nearly 400 contract manufacturer relationships to identify and manage risks, insight into leading practice, and tools that Kearney uses to help clients maximize their value from contract manufacturing relationships.
Oct 08   Rolling Stock Components Sourcing in China
In this Wave of the Future podcast, we discuss the Chinese market for railroad rolling stock. This is a rapidly growing market; the Chinese government is investing heavily in expanding both the national railway network and urban mass transit systems. A. T. Kearney recently conducted a market study and supplier search for rolling stock components, including machined parts for bogies. We learn more about this project and some of its surprising conclusions.
Aug 20   Socially Conscious Sourcing
"In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine." ~ Great Law of the Iroquois.
Garry Embleton, VP of Strategic Sourcing at Seventh Generation, talks to Helen Clegg about socially conscious sourcing. What are the benefits to companies for sourcing in a more socially conscious way, especially in the current business environment?
Jul 23   Personal Sustainability
In this The Wave of the Future podcast, we hear about one family’s experience with solar energy, biodiesel and other technologies for living a sustainable lifestyle. Find out how they have offset at least 30,000 pounds of CO2 in the air since 2005. We can all be the change that we want to see in the world.
Jul 09   Plastic Packaging
The US supply market for rigid plastic food packaging (containers and closures) is a $20 billion industry and is expected to grow at about 6% per annum for the next three years. Although some might think that convenience still trumps sustainability, that's not the whole story. Listen to find out what's happening in this industry and how buyers can keep costs under control.
May 21   Practical Strategy and Tactics for Compressed Sourcing
Two months to assess and source a pool of ten categories or four days to prepare and run an internet negotiation – that’s compressed sourcing. This podcast has plenty of practical tactics and pragmatic strategies that will help to make these “impossible” projects possible. Listen for good ideas that will help your sourcing projects to run more smoothly.
May 07   Metal Packaging in the U.S. Food & Beverage Industry
The US market for metal cans is highly consolidated and competitive, with only three or four suppliers commanding most of the market share. With metal prices skyrocketing, what can buyers do to keep costs under control?
Mar 26   Accelerating Sourcing
With pressures mounting on supply management organizations to have a greater impact on the bottom line, the need to achieve better results faster continues to build. In this Wave of the Future  podcast, we discuss steps that procurement professionals can take to reduce sourcing cycle times even more.
Mar 12   Centers of Excellence
Setting up a Sourcing Center of Excellence can yield real benefits for a sourcing organization, for relatively little investment. This podcast will inform you about what a Center of Excellence does, what benefits can be gained, and the practicalities of setting one up.
Feb 27   Where Next for Low Cost Country Sourcing?
Will Asia remain the sourcing powerhouse of the world? We consider whether other geographic regions might eclipse Asia, such as Eastern Europe, Latin America and perhaps even Africa.
Nov 21   Commodity Risk Management
What strategies can companies use to protect themselves against recurring spikes in commodity prices and supply volatility? Can a company turn its exposure to risk into competitive advantage? We present an overview of the A.T. Kearney approach to commodity risk management and outline the benefits gained from proactively managing supply risk.

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